Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Memories and pictures

Happy Thanksgiving!
I was looking through our family picture archives last night watching my hair and shape change through the years. LOL! I came across this picture from 4 years ago, that honestly I don't even remember posing for.
As I sit here, and yearn to be thin again, I am thankful for the years of health God has given me.

My children saw some pictures of me, I do not yet know which ones they saw, and they said MOM you were HUGE!!! I laughed because it means that I must not be as HUGE now! I have not regained the weight I have lost in the past couple of months, Praise God.
I have not lost any more either though. LOL.

Kristi and I faithfully weigh ourselves every Sunday, and cringe or cheer depending on the results. I think we had both thought we would be able to shed weight as easily as getting a haircut! I know the class competition is over in February, but this will be a lifetime for me to achieve the goal and to stay with it.
I am so glad that losing weight and living for Christ is very similar... how you ask? There is always a second chance!
I will leave you with the picture that I found, and hope ya'll have a blessed Thanksgiving.
Kristi- It's definitely CHEAT day! LOL