Thursday, December 10, 2009

Good Morning

Our last post on this poor blog was in February. By that time, I had lost 15 lbs and was having serious side issues because of it. I went to the doctor who suggested a surgical procedure that would eliminate the majority of my problems. I was all set to do that, when I found out my insurance deductible was sky high; and of course we fat, somewhat healthy people had not met that deductible.

It was with much discussion between my hubby and I and even my mother in law and some family members as to what to do. I had already, since our last post, regained nearly all my weight, and was having weight related issues.
I was caught between a rock and a hardplace. I needed the surgery to safely lose weight, but since I couldn't have the surgery as planned, I was having alot of physical side affects from the weight!
Finally, after shortness of breath and alot of heartburn and a myriad of other weight related issues, my husband and I decided that I did indeed need to lose weight.
I alerted the family to the fact that my weight loss brings on those other side effects and issues that the surgery will take care of. In the meantime, I am going about this weight loss issue slightly different then in the past.
I still have that goal of losing 50 lbs. I just have to lose it very slowly, so that my body can adjust better, and that I can almost fool my body into thinking that it's not going through some huge change.
I started this process the end of October. By the end of November, I had lost 5 pounds, and with only minor fluctuations in my system. As of this morning, I have lost 6 lbs total.
So after that re-introduction into the weight loss blog, let me tell you what I am doing.
I have cut down my portions, and I am basically eating 1 meal a day usually lunch or an early supper. Now I do snack in between some times - tortilla chips and salsa dip, etc. I do have some chocolate candy every now and again, but 1 peice usually does the trick.
I am not exercising ye,t although I want to, I am actually scared to.
I know some of you will laugh at me or scoff, but that is probably because you do not understand the extent of physical and emotional agony I go through when I lose weight at full speed ahead.
I am excited and scared as I reach the 200 lb mark. Usually the worst of my problems is when I get below that 200lbs. I am hoping that my losing 5 lbs a month only that I can sneak into it without so much drama.
See, If I lost just 5 lbs a month, I will have lost 60 lbs by the end of a full year. Sounds very reasonable to me. My heartburn has lessened and my breathing is better, and some of the other issues are starting to dissipate, but I am going to keep going.
So I will use this blog to chronicle my progress and to encourage any of you out there suffereing from a myriad of physical problems that we can do this.. even if it's just slowly!
Thanks yall and welcome back

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Well, since I came in here and whined about my weight gain, I have since lost almost all the weight I had regained. How? I started weighing myself every morning again, and watching what I ate, well at least watched it go in my mouth. I made only a few tiny adjustments to my eating schedule, but so far it's working. Now, If only the rest of the 50 lbs would be that easy.
Also, I have the sinus crud again, when I had that last time I lost weight as well, so maybe God is answering my prayer for losing weight by making me congested again.?
Whatever works, right?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 09

Well, we started this Journey in September of '08. It is now almost the end of the alleged time period to see who can lose the most weight. Unfortunately, since we started this whole process during the most holiday season time of year, I think alot of us in our class have NOT completed their goals.
I had lost 15 lbs and about 2 inches. I have since gained back 5 lbs, and feeling very overweight.
I know as spring and summer get here, I will be able to walk; and then I am positive I can finally lose weight.
I will keep this blog active, although as you can tell, we are reluctant to post much of anything; since we have not kept to the program, to reap it's benefits.
Pray for Kristi and I that we will get motivated and have the strength AND time to lose weight.
Hope ya'll have a Healthy New Year.