Thursday, February 26, 2009


Well, since I came in here and whined about my weight gain, I have since lost almost all the weight I had regained. How? I started weighing myself every morning again, and watching what I ate, well at least watched it go in my mouth. I made only a few tiny adjustments to my eating schedule, but so far it's working. Now, If only the rest of the 50 lbs would be that easy.
Also, I have the sinus crud again, when I had that last time I lost weight as well, so maybe God is answering my prayer for losing weight by making me congested again.?
Whatever works, right?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 09

Well, we started this Journey in September of '08. It is now almost the end of the alleged time period to see who can lose the most weight. Unfortunately, since we started this whole process during the most holiday season time of year, I think alot of us in our class have NOT completed their goals.
I had lost 15 lbs and about 2 inches. I have since gained back 5 lbs, and feeling very overweight.
I know as spring and summer get here, I will be able to walk; and then I am positive I can finally lose weight.
I will keep this blog active, although as you can tell, we are reluctant to post much of anything; since we have not kept to the program, to reap it's benefits.
Pray for Kristi and I that we will get motivated and have the strength AND time to lose weight.
Hope ya'll have a Healthy New Year.